The removal of trees in large areas, woodland, or domestic environments. Straight felling of trees is the action of cutting down a tree, either in the interest of conservation or the safety of the surrounding area.

If a tree is diseased, removal is important to prevent the spread of infection to surrounding trees and woodland within the region. Diseased, weak, and decayed trees can often fall, causing devastating damage.

As trained and licensed arborists with over a decade of experience, Treeworthy services has the skill and experience to remove any tree safely using the range of tools at our disposal. A professional inspection will establish the most effective and safest plan for removing dangerous trees, and once felled any tree remains or debris will be removed.

For woodland, domestic, or commercial tree felling, contact our team today for a free consultation.

Key Benefits

  Removal of dangerous and diseased trees
  Safe and efficient tree felling and clearance
 Highly professional and experienced service