Treeworthy services are dedicated to preserving and managing the local environment with care and consideration. We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our work and take every precaution possible to avoid damage to the habitat, including promoting the re-planting of felled trees where appropriate.

Our variety of services includes the creation of insect homes, owl posts and bird or bat box installations. Where possible we encourage leaving dead tree stumps, habitat piles, and non-hazardous dead trees to minimise the impact on the local fauna and support diverse wildlife. We are experienced in identifying signs of tree disease and pests and can establish a plan of action to maintain the health of the woodland area.

Our work is informed by the most up-to-date practices and techniques in the industry and meets the highest environmental and safety standards. We encourage a management plan that supports a healthy natural habitat to form.

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Key Benefits

  Preservation and management of the local environment
  Encourage a healthy and diverse habitat
 Identify tree disease and pests