Scrub clearance is the process of removing unwanted vegetation and transforming areas of undermanaged land into a suitable condition. Brambles, thornbushes, invasive shrubs, weeds, and other fast-creeping vegetation can quickly overrun a neglected landscape.

We can clear vegetation overgrowth efficiently using a range of specialised machinery, tools, and expert site clearance techniques. Treeworthy services have the capacity to work on commercial and residential areas as well as large outdoor spaces, clearing vegetation and scrub for maintenance or preparing the land for a different purpose, such as development or landscaping.

Our dependable and efficient team has over a decade of experience in clearance, allowing you to expect a reliable and complete job finished on time.

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Key Benefits

  Clearance of overgrown vegetation
  Preparation of land to a suitable condition for landscaping or development
 Prompt and dependable service, ongoing management available